• A. W. Tucker-Dissertation-Award for an outstanding dissertation of mathematical optimization 2012. More information¬†here.
  • Heinz-Schw√§rtzel-Dissertation-Award for foundations of computer science 2011. More information.
  • Best Paper Award for the conference contribution to STOC’11, called Subexponential lower bounds for randomized pivoting rules for the simplex algorithm. More information.
  • Zadeh’s Prize for the conference contribution to IPCO’11, called A subexponential lower bound for Zadeh’s pivoting rule for solving linear programs and games, awarded at IPAM’11. More information.
  • Kleene Award 2009 for the conference contribution to LICS’09, called An Exponential Lower Bound for the Parity Game Strategy Improvement Algorithm as We Know it. More information.