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This is just a quick announcement that we have migrated all our projects like PGSolver, MLSolver, FADecider and so on to GitHub. This allows you to get the newest versions of our software easily and to contribute your own code to our codebase.

Assuming that you might be an avid user of Subversion, you might want to read this tutorial which explains Git from a Subversion-point-of-view.

New version of PGSolver

We’ve just released a new version of PGSolver (3.1 -> 3.2), see Projects.

PGSolver now contains an exhaustive generator base for policy-iteration and some additional tools to play around with it. You can now, for instance, get the corresponding MDPs or LPs.

We have also fixed a strange segmentation fault bug that could happen when printing the winning sets to the screen. It seems to be due to a memory manager problem of OCaml. We thank Jim Huan-Pu Kuo for bringing this bug to our attention.

Note: all policy iteration lower bound generators are now included in a single generating application called “stratimprgen”.