Right time, right phase

There are different activities that we do throughout the day, every day, that need to get done. Some of them we enjoy more, some of them we enjoy less.

The ones we enjoy less can sometimes turn into a vicious cycle of procrastination and guilt, ultimately resulting in spending even more time in a rather unproductive and unsatisfying manner. We have all been there, and there is no way to avoid it.

One of the things that I enjoy the least is going through emails and answering them. Similarly doing phone calls. Which makes me sound like a sociopath, but that’s not it. Emails, at some point, become a pain, for everybody.

So how can we improve on our email-reply-to-procrastination ratio? I’m sure there are behavioural change systems that finally redirect your procrastination efforts to cleaning your kitchen in chapter 10, but I have found that for me, the ratio really depends on the time of the day. I am surprisingly efficient in going through my emails in the morning (where morning is defined as shortly after getting up) while I tend to suck at it the later it gets.

And this observation holds true for many other things as well. My takeaway is to observe yourself at what time you are your best self for doing the different things you need to do and schedule your day around it.

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