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Victor Lingenthal and myself have just launched a new toy project called BetaEdit that allows you to rapidly test web software online. It is based on our JavaScript Framework BetaJS (for both client and server) and serves as a running example for that as well. While the current version of the software really only is a starting point, stay tuned for major updates to come soon. We’d love to hear your

All new announcements will be made on our BetaEdit blog.

JavaScript Video Player

We just added a video player plugin for BetaJS that allows you to stream videos to many different devices. It is a meta player that currently includes JWPlayer 6 and JWPlayer 5. Depending on the given device and the given video sources, the player decides which player and which source matches your device best. For instance, JWPlayer 6 does not work with older version of iOS, etc.

It also includes a couple of useful player views that allow you to have embedded videos, embedded videos showing a video popup, and video popups by direct invocation.

JavaScript Framework

Victor Lingenthal and myself have created a new open-source MVC-JavaScript framework called BetaJS. Among its features are the following ones:

  • Models
    • Computed Properties: Aggregated properties depending on other properties are automatically updated
    • Sophisticated server synchronisation, html storage and caching stack: Queries are only executed on the server if necessary. Depending on the capabilities of the server’s REST-API, the client-side simulates all missing capabilities.
  • Views
    • Html-Property-Bindings: Changing properties in models automatically updates the affected elements in templates. You can use that to apply css classes or input values.
    • View Library: Containers, ListViews, Buttons, etc.

The system currently lacks proper documentation and tutorials. You can take a look at the demos though. On our roadmap is the development of an operational transformation system to easily continue working with an app offline and synchronising everything when you come back online.

Ruby-on-Rails-like PHP Framework

We have created an open-source Ruby-on-Rails-like light-weight PHP Framework called PHPrecious here. Feel free to check it out and play around with it. There is a full demo included in the demos folder.

Every component in the framework is as loosely coupled as possible. You can use it as a web framework as well as for server-site php scripts and daemons.

It mostly lacks proper documentation at this moment. Hope the demo helps you a little.

PHP Library for Sendgrid Parse Api

I’ve just added a small PHP library for the SendGrid Parse Api. It’s more convention than code. You can find it here. Please also take a look at to see how integrate SendGrid Parse with Rails and to see how to configure your name servers.